The main advantages of the use of the proposed Flameless Gasification technology for coal and oil shale processing

The world outlook for the coal industry
The International Energy Agency has made three forecasts of the coal industry for the next few decades:



Coal consumption will continue to grow and by 2035 will increase by 70%.



Coal consumption peak will occur in 2020, and further demand for this resource will steadily decline.



Plunge in coal demand by 2020 because of the strict environmental requirements of the majority of developed countries.


So far, according to most of the world's experts, FORECAST 2 looks the most likely. Environmental problems, associated with coal mining, reduction of gas prices, become for the majority of countries a sufficient argument in favor of reducing the consumption of this resource. The projected growth in consumption in India and several other Asian countries could not offset the decline in demand for coal in Europe, China, Russia and the United States.

Main advantages of the use of the proposed Flameless Gasification technology

The effectiveness of the proposed technology, on the totality of production, environmental, economic and technological factors, is much higher than of all existing in the world industrial plants processing coal and oil shale.

Flameless processing of coal and oil shale occurs through gasification in the medium of no direct combustion and no draught of air or oxygen; Operates in atmospheric pressure mode.

Gasification of different by origin and composition coal, its refuse and oil shale (even whith the calorific value lower than 1,000 kcal per kg and with a high content of mineral contaminants and water).

Lining is not used in the reactor of the gasifier, as for its design has an outer metal wall heating, which creates at least a 50-fold enhancement in heat transfer, compared to other competitor gasifiers.

Uniform flow of the gasification process, which provides the continuity and stability required for obtaining the final product for a potential customer, and transfers into gaseous phase about 98 percent of the organic part of coal and oil shale (excluding mineral impurities).

Obtaining of a large volume of syngas for the generation of energy resources and for chemical industry (as compared with other gasifiers in Germany, USA and China by their volume of production of syngas in the range from 2 to 4 times).

Due to the use of innovative solutions, the proposed for consideration complex of the flameless gasification of coal consumes a minimal quantity of electricity and heat for its own needs (less than 15% from the volume of the used raw materials, while other gasifiers consume up to 25 - 45% of the incoming raw material)

Modular design of the flameless gasification complexes, allowing to assemble systems of different size and capacity, depending on customer needs. The foundation of the flameless gasification complex does not require a deep laying, which makes it easier for assembly/disassembly.